Walking A Fine Line

Concept & Production: Abcde Flash
Director: Meti Oker (Ronen Eldar)
Cinematographer: Piero Cioffi
Editor: Chimpy
Cast: Abcde Flash, Matis d'Arc, Naïd Vaké, Spam Arfitt, Adrien P.
Bondage: Matís d'Arc – luhmen d'arc

`Walking A Fine Line` is the celebration of one person's sexploratory journey. abcde Flash, the film's creator and protagonist, approached a sex worker with the wish to be guided towards new thrills, challenges and boundaries with her curiosity leading the way. The maze-like tattoo roping around the side of her body is a reflection of the journey she has been on and is still on – an obscure but playful line with no clear beginning or end, a line that sneaks its way throughout the film in different forms and moods. The film is not just the milestone of one woman's sexual journey but also the result of it.

‘Walking A Fine Line’ is a short queer erotica I was commissioned to make by Abcde Flash. I directed the film under the alias Meti Oker as it’s different from the rest of my work.

Words from the Jury at Luststreifen, where the film it won Best Porn Short:
Die meisten pornographischen Fime führen zum Höhepunkt. Ihre Struktur ist durch einen unumgänglichen Orgasmus bestimmt - jedenfalls meistens. Und dieser kaleidoskopische Film bricht eben genau mit dieser Logik und lässt uns teilhaben an einer experimentierfreudigen und selbstbestimmten Erkundung des Körpers und der darin schlummernden Lust. Diese Bilder ermutigen uns, selbstbewusste Lust respektvoll und leidenschaftlich zu ergründen.

Translation: Most pornographic films lead to climax. Its structure is determined by an inevitable orgasm - at least most of the time. This kaleidoscopic film breaks exactly with this logic and allows us to participate in an experimental and self-determined exploration of the body and its dormant desires. These images encourage us to explore self-confident desire with respect and passion.