Musin’ is an experimental short documentary about a strange encounter with East London based artist Dennis Tettey Mansuro, and a conversation with him about his process, life, and the thin line he walks on the edge of madness.

The idea behind this project was to experiment and explore without setting limitations; and let the project to develop organically. During production we created a space and workflow that allowed us to capture candid and spontaneous moments as much as possible.
Once we had the material, we wanted the energy and fragmented thought process of Dennis to permeate the film. We strived to paint a portrait that hopefully holds a quality close to his essence and is relatable. We hope you enjoy it!

Begining it’s festival circuit in March at The New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam!

As himself: Dennis Tettey Mansuro
As himself: Ronen Eldar

Director: Ronen Eldar
Producer: Mandi Grattan
Cinematographer: Cameron Ward
Editor: Julien Testa
VFX & Animator: Bora Demirbilek
B Camera Operators: Laura Seward
B Camera Operators: Piero Cioffi
1st Assistant Camera: Chloe Deleplace
2nd Assistant Camera: Alex Tan
Sound Recordist: Taylor Papworth
Music: Dennis Tettey Mansuro
Colourist: Joan Vicente Dura
Sound Mixer: Lewis Clark
Production Assistant: Amarachukwu Modu
Stills Photographer: Shalini Jaiprakash
Posters: Gal Agmon