No One Wants It

“No One Wants It”, is about two artist-activists, Chi Him Chik & Sascha Brosamer, who use Noise as a form of protest against the dismantling of human liberties in Hong Kong. The film employs a non-conventional documentary style to bring an abstract and fluid style, reminiscent of the No Wave, which is a big influence in their work.

Featuring in order of apperance:
Sascha Brosamer

Chi Him Chik

Directing: Ronen Eldar & Oliver Zimmermann
Camera op: Sonja Madani
Editor: Athénaïs Laffont
Dubbing Mix: Claudio Ahlers

Poem: Tammy Ho Lai-Ming
Voice: Isabella Bartdorff

Experimental footage / Image manipulation by 
Chi Him Chik

Hong Kong Protest Footage provided by Studio Incendo