Je suis un songeur. Songeur doesn’t translate well in English, it roughly means someone halfway between thoughts and dreams, or in both.

Ronen Eldar is a French/Israeli filmmaker, whose nomadic childhood and life make it difficult for him to call anywhere truly home. This in-betweenness has nurtured an open curiosity towards others. With a candid approach, he explores themes around the perception of reality, how one decides to exist and navigate through the world, and the myths we surround ourselves with.

Working across fiction and documentary, his films have screened at BAFTA and Oscar qualifying festivals such as Encounters, Short Shorts, Flatpack, Cinequest, and Brussels Short Film Festival.

contact: rceldar@gmail.com

Clients / Publications Include:
Time Out || Mr Frank || Laurence King Publishing || Nike || Tripitca Studio || Scenes Journal || The Palace


A scene from the film ‘Waking Life’, which had a great impact on the way I think about cinema.