Good Luck Marc

Marc wins an apartment. He loves it, until a few months in when he notices that the place is slowly shrinking.

Written & Directed by Ronen Eldar

Producer: Andres Salas
Director of Photography: Victoria Romero

Production Design: Bernardo Leyte Cortés
Editor: Terrence Chim


Good Luck Marc is fantastical short film about a man living in a space that slowly rejects him and his attempt to stay no matter what.

2017 - Be Epic! London International Film Festival (UK) / BEST STUDENT FILM
2017 - Screentest: The National Student Film Festival (UK) / BEST FILM / Nominations: Best Script, Best Comedy, Best Production Design

2018 - Cinequest (US)
2018 - Brussels Short Film Festival (Belguim)
2018 - FilmQuest (US) /  Nominations: Best Student Film, Best Art Direction
2018 - London Cinematic International Film Festival (UK)
2017 - New Renaissance Film Festival (UK) / HONOURABLE MENTION / Nominations: Best Sci-fi/Fantasy
2017 – Student World Awards (US)
2017 - First Step Film Festival (Albania)
2017 - Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (US)
2017 - KO:SH Film Fest (Albania)
2017 - Discover Film Awards (UK)
2017 - SF Shorts (US)
2017 – Pop Corn Film Festival del Corto (Italy)
2017 - The Palace International Film Festival (Poland) / New Talent Shorts
2017 - Paris Play Film Festival (France)
2017 - Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (Japan) / International Competition
2017 - FlatPack Film Festival (UK)

Full Credits:

Marc: Benjamin Adnams
Narrator: Matt Jamie
Baby Marc: Daisy Davies
Man: Norman Taylor
Mother: Lisa Davies
Nurse: Jackly Bethany

Keenen Young
Bernardo Leyte Cortés
Melina Pettersen
Ronen Eldar
Luca Losi
Sebastian Lojo
Adres Salas
Victoria Romero
Marijn Maas
Writer-Director: Ronen Eldar
Producer: Andres Salas
Director of Photography: Victoria Romero
Camera Operator: Luca Nappa
Production Designer: Bernardo Leyte Cortés
Editor: Terrence Chim
Editor: Melina Pettersen
1st AD:
Celine Cotran
Hinnaa Sulahria
Production Assistant: Marijn Maas
Script Editor: Carey Darragh
Script Editor: Jonathan Shaw
1st AC: Norbert Strehle
1st AC (location): Joshua Magor
2nd AC: Anna Bouwman
Grip: Hinnaa Sulahria
Grip: Celine Cotran
Gaffer: Zeta Spyraki
Gaffer (location): Sebastian Lojo
Spark: Samuel Fenton
Spark: Paisley Walsh
Spark: Kateryna Zabulonska
Spark: Ahmed Mahmoud El Lozy
Construction Manager: Dominic Bolton
Scenic Painter: Poppy Heading
Concept Artist: Sin (Bat) Yuen
Prop Maker: Julia Souchtchinskaia
Make-Up Artist: Anna Marsh
Make-Up Artist: Claire Boutellier
Choreographer: Rosie Terry
Stills Photographer: Hani Hooper
Stills Photographer: Ting-Hui (Christine) Wu
Continuity/Script Supervisor: Melina Pettersen
Grade: Alex Grigoras
VFX: Lorenzo Nera
Sound Recordist: Andres Salas
Sound Recordist: Julia Souchtchinskaia
Boom Operator: Chien-Yu (Vee) Lin
Boom Operator: Anna Bouwman

Foley Artist:
Bernardo Leyte Cortés
Andres Salas
Melina Pettersen
Ronen Eldar
Additional Foley:
Luke Elliott
Louise Burton

Midi Programer: Andrea Boccadoro
Sound Designer: Roberto Begini
Music Performed by: Dan Chappell
Additional Sound Designer: Luke Elliott
Sound Mixer: Luke Elliott