Nothing New

A series of moments stitched together like a nebulous recollection of a memory, paint an intimate portrait of the unconventional noise band: Nothing New. With uncanny ability, the band transforms any and every moment into an opportunity to reflect, play, listen or experiment.

We journey with the group in their chaotic run-and-gun style as they investigate contemporary listening culture, in their fragmented, tangential, referential way. The documentary candidly mirrors their approach and translates their energy and noise visually; while acknowledging the dichotomy of capturing objective moments through the subjectivity of the filmmaker, who them-self blends into the adventure.

Featuring in order of apperance:
Sascha Brosamer
Abi Tariq
Lisa Schlenker

Filmmaking : Ronen Eldar
Editor: Terence Chim
Animator: Murray Warburton 

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NOTHING NEW is a nomadic art collective negotiating experimental sound and social performance. Using light, presence, action, technology and sound they create site-specific situations to push the limits of contemporary listening culture.

The instruments they use (includes the piano, the gramophone, the harmonium, the voice, the electric guitar, and mobile devices) become signifiers referencing the history of listening culture. Noise becomes the all-encompassing symbol of the now, and the performers and audience grow into a network of transmitters and receivers.

'NOTHING NEW’ is ultimately an experimental endeavour, for now, it could basically be labelled as a kind of ambient / ambivalent (world) noise music meets ‘GrainField’: a web-based application which uses wifi to turn the audience’s smartphones into speakers as well as instruments, turning the audience into active participants and in a sense co-creators of the live experience.

The documentary follows them on their journey in a run and gun style, as we get to know them better. It blurs the lines by moving from observing to sometimes participating or collaborating with the group. Ultimately while the group explores contemporary listening culture, the film candidly attempts to capture that energy and paint a portrait of the group and the individuals in it.

* 'GrainField' was designed by Benjamin Matuszewski and Norbert Schnell as part of the CoSiMa research project developed at the IRCAM, Center Pompidou Paris.